Friday, May 27, 2011

High School Graduation!

So now, we have 2 graduated from the family. WoW! Here are the little 2011 signs I made for the front walk way. Then of course we had to make cake balls, strawberry with cream cheese frosting. (Kinsie's request) So, as you can see, I just go all out on the decorating. :) I decorate with a few colored foods and put them on the island and say viola! That's what we get. The children don't seem to mind have all the colored snacks for the day either! Graduation night went great. Kinsie is excited to move on to college. When the children all came home from school I had H.S. Musicals' "What time is it?" playing. Pretty fun. This year: 1 leaving comm. college, 1 leaving H.S., 1 leaving Jr. High, 1 leaving elementary school. Whoa. Fun times, growing family, lots to do!

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