Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 2-wheeler

During spring break we went to the bike/skate park 3 times. Davis has gotten quite brave, and now thinks that Bracken's bike is better than his, cause it is faster. He figured out that he can just start by the curb then he can get up and started on the bike all by himself. (as you can see it is a little tall for him, but that is not a concern)
He rode aound the park at first, then he got brave enough to go down in the bowl, and practiced riding up and down the little "hills". He had a total blast!
Finally he learned to ride up this flat pyramid type shape in the bowl, and that was the greatest accomplishment.
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Easter Pails

This is my favorite new fabric line by Moda, It is called Make Life. I saw this little pattern for these Easter Pails, using this fabric, and purchased it online. They turned out so cute. My children were VERY concerned that they were going to be their Easter baskets, and informed me that they didn't want to use them. (WAY too SMALL, no room for CANDY!!) I informed them, it was just a cute little project, maybe a cute little V.T. idea, IF you can stand to give them away. Don't think that will happen with these. I actually thought I read the dimensions, and that they would be LARGER, but, little is always CUTE!! Happy EASTer!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coupon deals

I started coupon shopping a while back, and I'm a little addicted to it :) Here are 2 recent deals. The top photo, I paid $7.50 cash, then received coupons for $7.50 off my next purchase. (FREE) Then I did the next transaction, and got the items free, and they paid me $.50. Can you just say I did this many times last week, during the promotion. We're pretty much stocked up!
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I saw this recipe on Bakerella.com, red velvet cake(minus the red, add the green). So thought, we should do something greenish today. These are really green cupcakes. It is not my most favorite recipe, but it looks great. So today is day 3 of Spring Break. We head over to the metro bus and take it to the Light rail. Ride until it ends. Play Rook on the way there. The little guys are roaming the train, and having a grand time. We get to Chris Town mall. Do some shopping, eat lunch, and come back the same way. We were remembering when we were in Chicago a few years back on St. Patricks day, and our first Subway (train) experience. So we thought we'd do it right here in our own town. It was pretty crazy watching 8 of us load into, and out of the train. We had a little adventure, and that's what we set out to do.
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Spring Break!

Steven found out about Flow Rider @ Rhodes Jr. High School. Everyone loves it. Went there twice already and it's only the 2nd day of spring break. Everyone has tried it except Davis and Ginger, and Davis likes the Rootbeer at the snack bar, oh and the orange chips also. I though I could load this as a video, however, not as techy as I thought. (This is Hunter getting started)
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Riding the 2-wheel Bike!

Steven has been wanting to teach Davis how to ride the 2-wheel bike. Davis didn't want to.
However, on the way to the park last week, to play with his friend, Davis saw Peter riding his 2-wheel
bike. That's all it took. When we came home, Steven pumped up the tire and within 10 minutes,
Davis was riding down the street. They sure learn quick.

Now Davis is ready to show you how he rides all throughout the day. Even if he has already shown you before. He thinks it is pretty cool that he can now ride off the curb. Aaaaahhhh the life of a 4 year old.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Super Songwriters Cavalcade!

Visiting with Jon Schmidt after rehearsal and having him sign our music.
Part of the skit during the show.
Playing the piano upside down!!

Stacie and Ginger at the piano playing Dumb Song, Stacie is right behind the girl in yellow.

The show was awesome. Jon played North Pole Express for us and Love Story meets Viva La Vida!!! All the children did a great job on their songs. The Dumb Song was a definate crowd pleaser, along with my other 2 favorites of his...Waterfall, and All of Me. If you want to hear these songs, go to his website...jonschmidt.com. If you want to hear "our" version, we are getting the DVD of the show at the end of the month, and we could schedule a movie night with you! :)

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