Saturday, May 14, 2011


Stacie and Grandma Peterson

Last night was so great! Stacie graduated from MCC with her associates in Arts. Now it's official, she is ready for BYU Idaho! If you heard all the hollering Wed night, it was coming from over here. Stacie came home Wednesday from taking her Calculus 3 final , and was checking the computer for the grade to be posted all day. Anytime anyone would sit at the computer, they knew she had first dibs, to interrupt at any important moment to check and see if grades had been posted. Whoa, it was a little intense! :) The younger children were all pretty agreeable with her. was posted that evening. Drum roll please...she earned a 95% on her final and ended the class with an A. I say this with such awe because as her and a friend would study over here throughout this semester, I would tease them about speaking English. This class has a vocabulary all its own. I don't imagine I will ever be taking it. Anyway, it was wonderful to participate with her in the graduation last night. We are so proud of her. Here are some fun pics. Steven had a campout, so no pictures with him, he left as soon as her name was called and she accepted her diploma.

cake pops, and m&m's added the perfect red and blue for our festivities

Stacie and younger children
Stacie and Grandpa and Grandma Larson
Stacie and Mom

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JoAnn said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Are you old enough to have a daughter getting her Associates Degree? ;D

That is so cool. I have no doubt that it was quite a party chez toi. You are the party peeps! LUV it! Congrats to Stace!