Saturday, February 21, 2009

What kinds of questions do we ask?

Today, I went running with my daughter Stacie. My ipod wasn't charged, so I had to run with no music! We started talking about an email I received from TOFW. Wendy Watson Nelson is going to be doing a seminar on the kinds of questions we ask, and how powerful they are in our life in making things happen, in our relationships, etc. It really got me thinking, and Stacie and I had a great running discussion about our decisions, and attitudes. Isn't it interesting if you think about a hard time you were going through, and you asked the question why?, instead of a happier, or more powerful question? Our minds are so powerful. The gospel embraces all the great powerful principles for us doesn't it?!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rook anyone?

Lately, Stacie, Hunter, Ashleigh, and Mom have been playing a lot of Rook. Well, I guess since Christmas, because Hunter and Ashleigh both received a deck of Rook cards. We have had a lot of fun games. Last night was one of those nights where we were playing a marathon Rook night (it felt like).
Anyway, Mom took the round all on her own and made all 180 points. Pretty exciting. It was written on the calendar (that's a Larson saying...except at our house we write it for fun). Then the very next round Hunter took it on his own also! It was a great Rook night.

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is a definite holiday favorite of mine! I love to make a nice dinner and get out the china and crystal. In years past, I've done the crazy make everything red or pink dinners, but now I'm OK to have something nice no matter the color. (Well, we do usually have a pink drink, cause it looks pretty in the crystal glasses) I'm all about LOVE, Red, and Hearts. (I love finding heart plates) I put on my love music all day while I am getting things ready and just enjoy it. I have an amazing family and love them to pieces. For breakfast I made heart-shaped biscuits, and for dessert we made heart-shaped ice cream sandwich cookies with mint ice cream. Delicious! One thing I enjoy doing is breaking the meal into courses where we start with bread and salad, then our main dish and vegetable. (I forgot to get out the Safeway frozen peas unfortuantely for Steven and Hunter) It makes things so much more enjoyable and relaxing. I was encouraging everyone to wear pink or red for dinnner...Well, Davis just woke up so we were just glad he was happy. Steven came in wearing his suit coat looking all fabulous, so then Bracken went into his closet to pick out his suit coat so he could look just like his Dad. The pictures of Steven and Bracken we like to call "Life comes at you fast" because of their resemblence. We had a crazy photo shoot before dinner, and the rest is history.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Steven and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on Monday Feb. 9th! Pretty great. I have officially been married as long as I lived at home (which is half of my life!) We went up North to Greer for a quick weekend getaway! We took the quad and did some riding. As you can see from the photo, I attracted the most mud! It snowed the day we left, and it looked so beautiful! We visited with family and old friends on our trip and just had a wonderful time.