Friday, May 27, 2011

High School Graduation!

So now, we have 2 graduated from the family. WoW! Here are the little 2011 signs I made for the front walk way. Then of course we had to make cake balls, strawberry with cream cheese frosting. (Kinsie's request) So, as you can see, I just go all out on the decorating. :) I decorate with a few colored foods and put them on the island and say viola! That's what we get. The children don't seem to mind have all the colored snacks for the day either! Graduation night went great. Kinsie is excited to move on to college. When the children all came home from school I had H.S. Musicals' "What time is it?" playing. Pretty fun. This year: 1 leaving comm. college, 1 leaving H.S., 1 leaving Jr. High, 1 leaving elementary school. Whoa. Fun times, growing family, lots to do!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Do you love cute pillows? Check out these cuties. They have a new book over here at They have such cute patterns. I used their abbey bag pattern for my flower pin cushion that I made, and I just love it.

EVIT Graduation--Cosmetology

So, this is the week of Graduations for Kinsie. This is her Cosmetology graduation. They have them wear their H.S. cap and gown, then wear a red chord to signify cosmetology. She completed her 1600 hours. (over the last 2 years) Wow! Way to go Kinsie. She now gets to schedule a time to go take her state board exam to be a officially licensed cosmetologist. She'll do great! The last week she has been putting feathers in girls hair, and making a small profit. She is really liking that.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Seminary Graduation and Institute Certificates

No photos for this post, but last night was H.S. seminary graduation for Kinsie. Nice job! Also, Stacie received her Institute certificate. Way to go girls. They are so wonderful. Kinsie is going to be going to Eastern Arizona College this fall, and she is way excited. All we've heard is non stop arrangements for schedules and apartment room mates since last month. :)

Bracken's 8th Birthday Party

For Bracken's birthday party, we made pizzas. I had the dough rolled out and ready then, when
his friends arrived, they topped with their favorites. We also had a dessert pizza for candles. (on the left) They had fun. Some were called pepperoni explosions because the way they loaded them on. Boys are so funny. Then after our pizza lunch we headed outside for a piƱata. This baby was so huge. It was amazing. It had super strength also. It took them a good while to crack that thing open.

It is GREAT to BE 8!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Katie cupcake is having a give away for a fat quarter bundle. Sweet. Think of all the cute possibilities for a cute quilt with that!!
Check out her cute blog. I want to make My favorite bag with some of this
cute fabric. I purchased the pattern about a year ago and haven't made it
yet. Soon!
The quilt market in Salt Lake is over, and all the new fabric and patterns
were shown. I love looking at all the pictures fabric designers/bloggers are
posting. I would love to go to one of those! CUTE STUFF!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Stacie and Grandma Peterson

Last night was so great! Stacie graduated from MCC with her associates in Arts. Now it's official, she is ready for BYU Idaho! If you heard all the hollering Wed night, it was coming from over here. Stacie came home Wednesday from taking her Calculus 3 final , and was checking the computer for the grade to be posted all day. Anytime anyone would sit at the computer, they knew she had first dibs, to interrupt at any important moment to check and see if grades had been posted. Whoa, it was a little intense! :) The younger children were all pretty agreeable with her. was posted that evening. Drum roll please...she earned a 95% on her final and ended the class with an A. I say this with such awe because as her and a friend would study over here throughout this semester, I would tease them about speaking English. This class has a vocabulary all its own. I don't imagine I will ever be taking it. Anyway, it was wonderful to participate with her in the graduation last night. We are so proud of her. Here are some fun pics. Steven had a campout, so no pictures with him, he left as soon as her name was called and she accepted her diploma.

cake pops, and m&m's added the perfect red and blue for our festivities

Stacie and younger children
Stacie and Grandpa and Grandma Larson
Stacie and Mom