Saturday, April 23, 2011


So, a about a month ago, I came across a blog post asking for volunteers
to help make 100 quilts in 100 days for our soldiers in Afghanistan that
have been wounded. They posted a pattern, and gave all the instructions.
I decided it would be fun to make a couple. I hadn't ever made star
blocks, and really enjoyed them. They had you sign your name and state
on the block, so they will see where they all came from. They wanted the
stars in red or blue, with a white or cream background. This is what I had
in my scraps. I really like how they turned out. So, I mailed them out.
Last week, I received a package from Moda. (my favorite fabric company!)
There was a thank you note for the stars and a mini charm pack of fabric.
What a sweet surprise...I'm hoping when they finish the quilts they
will posts some pictures, cause I'm sure they will look amazing!

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Thank goodness there are still children here that like to color the eggs. I think I will miss all that cute excitement about little things when they are all grown up and gone. Davis, was the most excited, entrigued with the idea. Even though he did it last year, and has pictures in his book, it is like a whole new experience again. I love that. He really liked the fact that you could write on the egg with the crayon, then color it, and the design would show up. They crazy thing is none of the children really eat the hard boiled eggs, so we mostly just do a few for fun. It is gorgeous weather right now also....aahh gotta suck it in cause it is about to change. We are headed to warmer (OK hot) weather.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Steven took some of the children and some friends caving last weekend. They went to Diamond Cave. (Up North) All of them had a great time. Here are some fun pics.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fat Quarter bundle giveaway!

modern workshop 1
Today over at PSIQUILT she posted a giveaway
from Green Fairy Quilts for a fat Quarter bundle.
You know what you could make with one of these babies?
Oohhh the possibilities! You should go check out
these two blogs. I really enjoy them. You know that
PSIQUILT is where I got the pattern for FLIP SIDE,
that I started, and am still waiting to get back from the
quilters. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sprocket Pillow

I love reading fabric blogs! What cute projects there are out there.
I was looking at, and she posted this darling sprocket
pillow. I downloaded her template, and made this darling, cutie
round pillow, out of my bliss scraps, to go with the bliss quilt.
Isn't she so cute?! While you're at, check out the
frayed circle quilt on her side bar. I am definately putting that quilt
on my list, for the boys to snuggle with in the family room watching tv,
or during scriptures. Of course, I think all the chilly mornings are now
officially over. It has been in the high 90's this week, Ugh! I'm not
ready for the heat yet.

All that cute roundness, and cute fabric. I'm having a little
bit of a problem though, my list of cute projects I want to make is growing!!!
The sewing machine is taking over! Of course, I'm not complaining.
If you want to take a look at a new line of fabric that is coming out, check
out this site: The new fabric line is called
Hometown. Red is in it, and polka dots, and way cute stuff. I'm going
to have to buy some, especially the red polka dots, and maybe
the gray ones too, and the other reds. :)


Steven and the varsity scouts attended Mountain Man Rendezvous
the second half of spring break. They were up North at R-C ranch.
They had a great time. Our Scout committee Chair, graciously donated
fabric, and organized a committee of seamstresses (angels as she called them)
and we were able to make all the boys and leaders "authentic" mountain
man shirts. They will also use them for the Trek, later in June. Here they
all are early in the morning ready to head out. I helped out by sewing 3

here they are helping to skin a rabbit, whoa, we sure don't do that
at girls camp

Hunter is ready to do a javelin throw. He threw it pretty far, but
it didn't go very straight. It went over to the right, over the fence.


Spring break started off in Kingman, AZ at the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott.
According to Davis, it is the best hotel ever. We let all the children have
their own keys. Wow! They were so thrilled about that. They loved,
the pool, (pretty small though), they loved the elevator, they loved the
exercise room, they loved the stairs, they loved the 2 computers anyone could
use, and they loved the great free breakfast buffet. Nice when you
can make everyone happy. We went to church in Kingman Sunday, and
the ward couldn't get over the fact that we were there for Spring Break.
I know, pretty crazy, but we had a fun time. Some friends of ours also
live there, and we saw them at church, and they invited us over for lunch.
We took all our fixings, and joined them, and visited for the rest of the
afternoon. It was wonderful. The next day, we went to Grand Canyon
caverns. It is a cave that is 22 stories down. It is pretty cool. It was a
45 minute tour. They also have a room down there that you can rent.
It is $700 a night. Whoa, when they turn the lights out, it is pitch black.
After the cave, we went horse back riding. Bracken and Davis were way
excited about being able to be on their own horse. Everyone had fun.
On the way home, we drove through Prescott, and stopped at Red Robin
for dinner...YUM! It was a fun little weekend. Steven had 2 days, to
catch up on work and get ready for Mountain Man Rendezvous with the
Varsity Scouts.

the room inside to rent

Kinsie Bracken Hunter Ashleigh
The horse people, told us about their pet baby Bobcat, Steven
just had to go see it. Pretty amazing. It is 1 year old.
All the children took turns petting it.