Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Now it's official. Stacie is GRADUATED! She had seminary graduation last Sunday. She was the main speaker. She did a great job. She was a little bit nervous, with projects still to finish at school, but everything worked out well. Then Thursday the 21st, she graduated from Red Mountain High School. We were a bit nervous because we were having sprinkles on and off during the day. The school told them the latest they would call to change to a "rainy schedule" would be 6:30 pm. So everytime the phone would ring, someone would run to see who was calling. At 6 pm, we got a call from MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS...saying that Stacie Peterson was absent from 5th period. How funny is that?! All the seniors only had graduation practice that morning. We all had a good laugh. As we left for the school, it was lightly sprinkling. Steven grabbed 2 rain ponchos, and we had 2 umbrellas. We had Grandma Peterson and Grandma Larson with us. They wore the ponchos and Steven and Ginger used the umbrellas. Stacie used her nice graduation hat. (they were so worped looking at the end of the night!) We had a pass for Grandma Peterson to sit in the handicapped seating, and were able to stay and sit with her. We had the best seats in the house. (2nd row in the front of the graduates) We captured some good pictures of Stacie, and many others in our ward that passed by us. What a great night! It is so amazing to believe that we have a daughter graduated.