Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is some of the gang at 5:30 AM! for Birthday breakfast. Biscuits, eggs, bacon, fresh pineapple. Hunter turned 14. Wow! We've had some pretty funny conversations about the Saturday night dances. Rules, regulations, demonstartions, and know how by his older sisters.

Hunter asked if I would make chololate chip cookies to share with his seminary class. So, I couldn't resist taking my camera and catching a few of the gang heading over for class. Then as an added bonus, his Dad took him Krispey Kreme donuts. The class is loving his parents!

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First day of School--2010

The first day of school has come and gone, and I can't believe we are a week in already. Everyone's classes are going great. Thanks to our children we are up by 5:50 AM!! So we can
gather for scriptures and prayer before everyone leaves. Yes, its way early for me. Kinsie has changed to AM EVIT (hair school) and leaves at 6:10 AM and Hunter is playing on the Freshman football team which practices at 6:30. Thanks to Kinsie for taking Hunter in the mornings on her way to school.
Bracken--2nd grade, recently lost his 2 front teeth.
Ashleigh--6th grade...TOP of the Hill
I love pictures like this :)

Kinsie was running a little late on the 1st day so she wouldn't let me take her picture. Here she is getting into the jeep to go to EVIT.
Here is her 2nd day of school picture--Senior!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Quilt

So, this is the pattern for my next quilt.

Here is a sample of the fabric I will be using. It is called "Bliss" The yardage should be available in 2 weeks. Can't wait!
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Jamboree--100th year scouting anniversary!

Leaving Phoenix

Eating Lobster dinner in Boston

Ground Zero
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Gateway into camp site at Jamboree

Tour Guide in Philidelphia

Fort McHenry

Friday, August 13, 2010

Empty Spaces

It is so good to have a full house again! Hunter was gone to the Jamboree from the 16th of July til August 5th. Then Stacie and Kinsie made a quick end of summer trip to California, Aug. 1st-4th. It felt so empty...when we just had the 3 youngest. Less food purchased, eaten, and fixed. Less laundry worn, washed, and folded. Less late-nighters (except for Davis). Lots of laughing, easy entertaining, and quick cleaning. (the younger ones really can clean )