Friday, February 25, 2011


We had court of Honor this week, and Hunter earned #45 merit badge, Automotive maintenance. He will receive his second Bronze Palm shortly. I'm hoping he will finish 6 more merit badges. That will take him to 51 merit badges and 6 palms. I know that I can't set that goal for him, but I can keep encouraging him like crazy right?! They are in the process of planning the super activity for this summer. Scouting is so great!

BYU Idaho

Stacie received her acceptance letter from BYU Idaho yesterday. Hooray! Now she is awaiting her track assignment. She will be finished with her Associates in May from MCC Red Mountain. She is majoring in Math Education. Yes, this girls likes math, math, and more math. (and the unicycle) She is doing service hours at her high school this semester, with one of her past math teachers, and enjoying it. When we start talking about packing her stuff up when she leaves, she likes to change the subject. I told her everything will change when she leaves, but she isn't ready to hear that yet I guess. We will miss her TONS!


Today we took in Birthday treats for Ashleigh to share with her school class. She wanted to take CAKE POPS. It just so happened that we had pink candy melts in the pantry so, since that is her favorite color things worked out in her favor. Can't believe she is turning 12. Saying goodbye to Primary and activity days, and saying hello to Young Woman's, mutual, and girls camp. She is pretty excited.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Davis comes in to me this morning and says, I found my car seat in the garage. I say, do you want to use it in the car? He says, mom why would a 5 year old want to sit in a car seat? I said, I don't know. (Mostly because I was laughing too hard).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Stacie has really taken to riding the unicycle. She has gotten really good. She goes out to practice just about everyday. There is a routine: cute clothes, loud music. Anyway, I was going out to talk to her this afternoon, and she was riding, so I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a few of her out on the street.

riding up the driveway, she can even do inclines--she also rode around the entire block on it, 1/2 mile


Ya, I've been sewing crazy lately. I hope it doesn't stop. I am having "sew" much fun. You remember this cutie rag quilt I made last year? Well, I had just enough fabric left over to make a pillow and I finally got it finished today. aahhh. Don't you just love being able to check things off your list?

creamy chenille with the music fabric cut in circles and frayed out to make flowers with a cute black button in the middle


I found this cute little pattern on Moda Bake shop, called Valentine Pennie Pockets. I decided I would make one for each member of our family for Valentines Day, and tuck little treats into it. I made some for the ladies Stacie and I visit teach also. So cute. The fabric is called "Giddy". I know, I get a little crazy with the fabric, and names, but isn't it all so cute. A whole new fabric world has been introduced to me, and Steven just loves it! :) well, maybe not his wallet. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day. Of course, when you love hearts, and red and pink, how can you not. So, we always have a big Valentine's Day dinner, with the china and crystal and red foods. I had some treats in there little bags, along with a coupon for them of something specific I'd do for them, and had them sitting by there plate at the table. We had a fun night, then Ashleigh, Kinsie, and I went to Cavalcade Rehearsal. I know, it is here again. No Jon Schmidt this year, but, it will be great none the less. Hunter and I rehearse on Thursday nights. It makes for a busy 3 weeks, but isn't playing the piano great fun?! I started teaching Bracken lessons in Jan. and right now he loves it. I wish I could package the enthusiasm when they first start and give it to them again in a year, and then a year later. :)

flowers from Steven
I learned how to crochet these cute little hearts, and thought they looked so cute hanging there
peanut butter cookies with Dove heart chocolates--way good


The other fun thing I did for my Birthday was sign up for a class at Scrapbooks Etc. We made these cute pin cusions with a bag to hold tools or scraps. It is so totally cute to me. The fabric is just out by Moda, called "Lovely". The inside of the flower has crushed up walnut shells, and is very tight and firm, making the flower all the cuter. I think I will make another one out of my left over Bliss fabric. It will look cute sitting with my scrapbook supplies. The date of my class was actually our anniversary morning, and Steven was so kind to take Davis with him to work that day. It would be nice to say I owed him big time, but hey, I take Davis to work with me everyday right?! :) Steven is way great that way! We celebrated our 21 st anniversary on Feb. 9th, 2011! We went to dinner at the new Tia Rosas in Gilbert. Yum, Carne asada is our favorite thing to get. Steven informed me that for the year 21 you are supposed to give nickel and brass. (You know they have a list of what each anniversary year is) So, he bought us a HD TV! Pretty good match I'd say. Wow, it is really nice to watch movies on. Things are so amazingly clear! Needless to say we have been on a little movie watching fest since we got netflix, and now it is even more enjoyable on a great TV. It was the 2nd tv we've purchased since we've been married.

close up on the pocket inside bag
the whole thing in its cuteness and glory


So, Jan. 31st was my 40th birthday. Gotta do something big right?! I've wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride for a long time. Steven tried to surprise me with one on my magical birthday, (turning 31 on the 31st), however, that morning due to weather it was canceled. That's the hard part. You just never know for sure if the weather will cooperate. Well, this time it did. We drove out to Phoenix and met our group at 7 am. Our group consisted of the pilot, one young couple, and us. Sweet! As we arrived at the location, the pilot asked if there were any hands on kinda people, and if so, they could help. So, you know Steven was right there in the middle of it all, having a grand time, and of course I was back taking pictures documenting it all. :) There were several ballooning companies and they basically go to the same area, so it was fun to watch all the balloons going up .

laying it all out
starting the fan
filling up
inside from the other side
looking up to the top, it is so gorgeous
adding the fire
can you see the little bit of fire in the middle of the picture?
there is our shadow
other balloons that morning
The other couple graciously took some pictures of us.
getting ready to land, and I just loved the big heart rock down there. I love finding heart rocks.
close to the ground
deflating and putting it away. They had a little picnic for us while we were waiting. Apples, peanut butter, banana bread, cheesecake and sparkling cider. What an amazing flight. We had a great time. Steven wants to buy a balloon now. He sure loves learning about new things, and seeing how they work.