Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night Hunter had his Eagle Board of Review. It is official...He is an EAGLE SCOUT!!! What a great job he has done. He is a 3rd Generation Eagle Scout on the Peterson side of the family. What a great legacy to have. He is finished with 38 meritbadges, and there are more on the way. Last night, after he finished with the Board of Review, he taught the Fingerprinting merit badge to the troop. He is a good leader, and gets along well with others. Way to go Hunter!!

I had to just had to go and wait so I could snap this picture when he came out of the room.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Steven has been on a quest for a good chili recipe our whole married life (which has been 20 years now!) Thankfully, he goes to Roundtable, and he was blessed to come in contact with a great sample of an all meat Chili. (As in no beans) So today was the day to make the recipe. It was DELICIOUS! We all liked it. I didn't get permission to post the recipe, but if you call and chat with Steven personally he would share it with you. He already has plans for our ward chili contest in October. Gotta love this guy!

Sugar Cookies

Every year before Valentine's Day, we decorate sugar cookies for FHE. Here is some of the collection. The younger children choose a primary teacher, or friend in the neighborhood and we deliver them. Everyone has fun.

20 Year Anniversary!

Steven & I left Friday morning for a camping/quad riding adventure. We went up to Box Canyon (take the Florence junction). It was a great place for riding. We went on a 4 hour ride, and in the middle of it, we stopped for lunch, where Steven whipped out his little camping stove and made Terriaki chicken and rice. Nice! It was great. I know it was a little hard on Steven having me ride a little slow behind him, but he kept assuring me that it was OK. We had a great time. We came home Sat. morning. He went with the Scouts to help with Scouting for Food, then we left again for part II. We made reservations at the Courtyard in Tempe. We took the 2 seater bike, and rode all over Tempe. It was perfect weather. We went to the Tempe ward for Sacrament Mtg, then headed back home. What a great weekend!

Some of Steven's great Photography.

Ginger's just chillin listen to her Ipod while Steven is cooking dinner. (love that part!)

THE Quad's

Beautiful Arizona sunset!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cavalcade is coming. (March 6th) If you're wondering what that is let me share with you. It is a piano duet recital. There are about 25 pianos on the stage (At Mountain View H.S. this year) and each group performs 2 duet songs with a conductor. It is a great event. It just so happens that the guest performer this year is....Jon Schmidt. Can't wait to hear him perform. I will be in 3 groups this year playing the duet versions of his songs: Dumb Song (with Stacie) Waterfall, and All of Me. Now, I didn't count on it being a big deal. However, I do have to pay a little more attention and watch the notes, or I can take off on the original version. Pretty fun though.

I also got another piano book from David Lanz. It is a collection from 3 others books, I believe. There are 5 songs I enjoy playing daily...and sometimes more often!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, Jan. 31st was my birthday! Nice. You've probably noticed that everything seems to revolve around food here at our house, and my birthday was no exception. I ordered ebelskivers with fresh blueberries for my birthday breakfast. Delicious! Then after church we had a mexican fiesta with Mattas Salsa. Can't forget the dessert. Stacie and Ashleigh made cheesecake with a homecrust, that was Fantastic.

Some Birthday hightlights, lots of baking tools (specifically worded with DISHWASHER SAFE, that tends to be a BIG deal to some of the dishwasher helpers around here), a cute red shirt (Sometimes I borrowed Kinsie's--not any more), and Jon Schmidt CD--Bonus Tracks. By now, you know that I like his music a lot. Road trip song #4 is super to dance to, clean to, drive to etc.

Steven was having fun with the camera, and I just couldn't resist this picture of Kinsie having such a great time at my party.