Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week I made these cute little Halloween baskets. They are from the same company as the little Easter baskets.
I love the iron on labels that came with the kit. I'll have a new little project next month.
My "Bliss" quilt is being quilted right now, and should be ready to bind in 2 weeks.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday, Steven and I celebrated our first date anniversary. Twenty one years ago, we went rollerblading with another couple, and then to Taco Bell for dinner. Fun night. After that night, we were together everyday. And the rest is history. I'll be posting a few more anniversaries in the next few weeks. I told Stacie she needs to record all these important things when she is dating, and make sure they pick a good place to eat :), cause they could be celebrating there for a long time to come. Well, last night was a Wed. night which is usually the busiest night at our house. Right now Hunter is playing football for the Fremont Falcons. There games are at 6 pm. Steven has mutual on Wed. nights, but bumped up their activity to 4-5:30, so he could also go to Hunter's game. They are making knives right now. (which are pretty cool looking) So, as soon as they were done, we headed to Taco Bell, and bought dinner and took it to the game to watch Hunter. Great game. They won 12-19. This was their "rival" school, and they haven't won a game against them in 8 years. Everyone was way excited. Then we came home and had icecream. Good times. I'm so happy we're together!