Friday, September 10, 2010


Last night we gathered at my house for Snack and Yak. We made these cute temple blocks. I made one for Kinsie and Stacie. You can have other temple prints made also, with whatever phrasing on them. Way easy to make. Had a fun night.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I went to finish my Christmas napkins on Monday. I was on the last one. I am sewing a rolled hem around it. My serger was kind of acting funny. I could hear weird noises, that I shouldn't have been hearing. I had put some oil on it on Saturday, but all of a sudden, it just totally seized up and wouldn't stitch another single stitch. Oh my. I just turned it off and left the room. I told Steven about it. He figured it needed more oil. He called our Phaff serger expert Bro. in law and asked about it. After we oiled it, it started coming back to life. I was able to finish my last napkin, however it still sounds like it needs a good service at the machine shop. Here is my lesson, I should oil it, way more often. Yes, as in more than once a year. Good lesson to learn, I hope you will all learn from me, and not have to learn on your own serger.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


On Tues of this week, I received my copy of Cake Pops in the mail. The author has a food blog, Bakerella. We first made cake pops for Hunter's Eagle Court of Honor. We made plain jane ones: Red and White. Well, since then, we have made plenty more, and seen people get very creative in their efforts. Since getting our book this week, I knew we needed to make some. As I was looking at all the designs, I decided on the Pool Party Pops, since we would be going to a swim party BBQ on Sat. Here is how ours turned out. We had a few mishaps, but overall they turned out pretty cute.

These are little teddy grahams sitting in an innertube in the water (gummy lifesaver)

This little white one was a "diet" one sitting in the sand. :)Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Here are the Christmas napkins I was talking about yesterday. Just start with a half circle 20 inches across.
Use 2 different fabrics, wrong sides together.
I serged a roll hem around mine, but I saw one with red ric rac also. Way cute.
Then you fold it 2 ways and make this cute tree design.
Here it is the other way. If you buy 1 1/3 yard fabric + 3 inches of 2 different fabrics, you can make 10 finished napkins. Have fun!
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Friday, September 3, 2010


Today, I went to the fabric store. (big surprise) While I was keeping busy with all the beautiful fabric all around me, Davis enjoyed looking around too. He found the Halloween fabric, and took me over to show me all of it. He decided that this fabric would be good for him for a pillow case. The eyes glow in the dark. We tried it in the store bathroom, and he was totally hooked. So we got enough fabric to make him and Bracken matching ones, yet they could tell them apart. As soon as we got home, I started sewing. They taught me this way easy cool way to sew them. Their are no raw seams in the whole thing, and the inside side has french seams, which I don't sew very often. They turned out "SEW" cute. I know you all want to sew one now. I also purchased Christmas fabric for napkins. I'll post those later when I get them done. Totally cute.

Davis' pillowcase

Bracken's pillow case

This is inside "sew" you can see no raw seam from blue to black, and up above is the french seam. No raw seams anywhere. It looks so nice inside.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This is going to get fun...I know that the fabric is available, and I am on THE list at Scrapbooks etc. to be called as soon as their store has it available here locally. The fat quarter shop is an online shop. If you like fabric, or want to see some gorgeous stuff, check them out.


As you know, I posted about my new quilt pattern and fabric a couple of weeks ago. I am still waiting...I look at the fabric websites too many times a day, as if checking them will help the fabric come in sooner. It is not working, and I am ready for it!!!! It says September and we are into the 2nd day now. Should have been in yesterday, in my opinion. :)
Also, I am ready for new music. I downloaded Jon's song "Road trip" as soon as it was released. Fabulous piece to play! Go to his site and check it out. ( I think) I play it several times a day. (my sweet family loves it) So, I am feeling like it is time for Jon to release another song from his album, or I need to buy a Christmas book. It won't be so bad right, I can play while everyone is at school, then with the headphones when their home. I normally don't start to Oct. 31st-ish, but I can't help it this year. Maybe it is the fall magazines coming in, and our HEAT STILL here. I have to remember it doesn't really start to get cooler til October.


Hunter is playing football for Fremont Falcons. Last night was there first game. They won huge against Taylor. Nice. I think there biggest rival is Shepherd, so we will see how our season goes. One thing though, when your son is wearing a big white helmet, and the same jersey as everyone else, it is hard to find them on the field. Yes, I know they are wearing numbers, but still, it is hard to pick them out. Here are some pictures. He is #90. One more thing, my little boys were running ALL over the bleachers having a grand time. Well, some girls said hi to them, and asked

Bracken if he was Hunter's little brother. Of course Bracken gets the cutest toothless grin and says yes. Then he comes to tell me. Oh, and the girls were wearing Hunter's number on their cheeks. What's that about?! When we told Hunter the story after the game he just gets this funny embarrassed smile and says he doesn't even know about it, or who it could be...hmmm.
Walking onto the field

listening to the national anthem

looking so cool, knowing that I'm taking his picture, but not wanting to acknowledge it to anyone

final score!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Larson family campout

My brother Sean organized our first ever Larson Family Campout. We had such a great time, and the weather was gorgeous. Just what we needed, getting out of the heat. We played this fun
new game called Bolf. We brought up old bowling balls, and the brothers marked off a course. They dug a hole for the size of the bowling ball, and you see how many tries you can get your ball in the golf. It was fun.
Getting ready to launch my ball.
Stacie and Hunter hanging out on a rope swing Grandpa made.
Davis eating Smores.
Ashleigh and Stacie sitting at camp.
Steven and Blake enjoying a good game of Horseshoes.
Just look at this cute boy of mine.

Bracken was digging holes almost the entire time. He had a great time.