Monday, May 23, 2011

Bracken's 8th Birthday Party

For Bracken's birthday party, we made pizzas. I had the dough rolled out and ready then, when
his friends arrived, they topped with their favorites. We also had a dessert pizza for candles. (on the left) They had fun. Some were called pepperoni explosions because the way they loaded them on. Boys are so funny. Then after our pizza lunch we headed outside for a piƱata. This baby was so huge. It was amazing. It had super strength also. It took them a good while to crack that thing open.

It is GREAT to BE 8!


Heather said...

Wait a second!!!! I show Bracken's birthday on the 28th of May. Am I wrong? Anyway, it looks like all the kids had a blast!!!! And how can you go wrong with PIZZA?!?!? So any news on his baptism?

Steven and Ginger said...

You have good records, just had to have the party early. This week, we have 3 graduations, and his birthday, and I just wanted to get it done before school was out. :)
His baptism will be Sat. June 18th. 10 AM. I'll send out more information beginning of June.