Thursday, August 25, 2011


The anticipated day arrived! Everyone was excited, a little bit nervous. My baby would be leaving for Kindergarten this day. As I said earlier, I have my had children home with me, for over 20 years. It is a bit weird, (I know I'll get used to it) to get all the children off for school, get my morning routine done, and then look around and listen to all the empty spaces! I usually turn the piano on and enjoy listening while I work around the house. No little questions, contentions, disputes, or laughter. It is all so new. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty that I can do, plenty that I want to do, but sometimes...I'm not sure what to do! :) Anyway, the first day went off with out a hitch. Davis is in Kindergarten and had a wonderful day. He returned home the first day at 2:30 and was asleep on the couch by 3:45. It is so cute to hear him talk about his day, and about things he does in class, and things he is learning. Bracken is in 3rd grade. He loves it also. He and Davis ride their bikes to school, and he likes to be their early in the morning, as to get as much playground time before school as possible. Ashleigh started Jr. High. Her school starts at 9:05. That always feels so late! She is loving her new school adventure. They are swimming in PE right now, because we are still having excessive heat temperatures! It doesn't bother her at all. When I was in Jr. High and we had swimming, I purchased a butane curling iron so I could have my hair done, before going to my next class. (we had a shortage of outlets available to us, so I solved the problem with the cordless curling iron) She loves being around her friends all day. Hunter started 10th grade this year at the high school. He has some hard classes and rounds it off with guitar class, which he really enjoys.

The cub scout pictures are of Bracken getting his Bobcat award, and several belt loops. He loves going to cub scouts. I hope he will follow in Hunter's footsteps and be excited and get things done all along his scouting journey. Hunter just earned his Basketry meritbadge. This makes 46. It also gives him his second Gold Palm. Way to go Hunter!

Just a little bit of 12 year old attitude, showing through. :)

being crazy
the bike rack
Davis heading out to the playground before school

Earned his Bobcat


July 30-Aug.5th we had a Larson Family Reunion. We stayed at a time share a little under 2 miles from our house. We had a very eventful week. Here were some of the hightlights: making flip flops, sewing slouchy bags, kickball with a beach ball in the cultural hall ( I like all the rhyming) designed t-shirts with cricut and bleach, made snow cones, made homemade donuts, scones, minute to win it games, paper air plane throwing, ROOK, Settlers, Celebrated Stevens b-day at the Sutherlands, boon doggle, cereal necklaces, bubbles, decorated sugar cookies, swimming swimming swimming, Larson duel in the Pool at Kino, homemade macaroon ice cream!, and we topped it off with Find Grandpa at the mall. (Kinsie and Stacie were the first to find him) The children had such a great time with all the cousins. If that sounds exhausting to you just reading it, We lived it, and loved every minute of it! It was so great to be able to see all of Ginger's siblings. All the cousins were there but 1 who was finishing summer at BYU. Aren't families great! We left Friday night, then Sat. morning, we packed up Kinsie and her stuff and headed over to Thatcher where she is enrolled for college. She went a week earlier than all her room mates, so she could start her job. She is having a BLAST! Classes started this week. They organized the ysa wards, and had a meet and greet. She is loving that. We can feel the empty spaces around here with out her. Of course, we are all trying to convert her bedroom, to our new favorite spot. The little boys have currently taken over with a table and their legos, and Hunter has moved a chair and music stand along with the guitars to practice everyday. I had grand plans of turning it into my sewing and scrapbook room. I guess we will see what happens.
On Aug. 7th, 2011 I was sustained and set apart as the R.S. President in my ward. (thus nothing happening with my sewing room yet :) ) I've been saying that when school started it would be the start of my new life (all the children in school after 20 years!) and it sure is, just not how I had planned. You know how Heavenly Father has a way of changing things for good though. So I will hopefully, get organized and familiar with everything soon, so I will be able to still quilt and do my fun things. I have great counselors and secretary!