Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bracken's 8th Birthday

Steven went to Fossil Springs with the Varsity scouts 2 weeks before Bracken's Birthday. He decided he wanted to take Bracken there for his birthday. So Friday night, at 6 pm, Steven got a crazy idea (OK a wild hair is what I call it) he says, "lets go to Payson and get a hotel, then we will be close to Fossil Springs for morning". I say, OK. We left at 7:15 pm, Friday night. We only had the 3 youngers with us. Wow! It is really easy to pack up and move 3 children. Then Sat. morning we headed up to Fossil Springs. When we got there Steven showed Bracken where the scouts had jumped off the 25 foot cliff. Bracken looks over and says where should I jump at, Steven shows him and off he goes with no hesitation. Amazing. The water was beautiful and FREEZING!!! We had a fun time. After a while we opened presents and headed out. We met up with a caving friend of Steven's and he took us to the beginning of a trail to find a new cave. Bracken was the first one to find it, which was fitting for his Birthday. Pretty small cave, and perfect for me (ginger)

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