Friday, July 22, 2011


The beginning of July we headed to Utah. We started in St. George. We stayed for 3 days. The boys had a blast at the hotel. They especially like having their own key, and going down the elevator and the stairs and back into the room about a zillion times. Good times. While we were there we went and picked up a permit to Bloomington Cave. It was a great cave. We followed the green route, and it was very well labeled. There was a long crawl area that got a little tiring, a couple tricky tight places, but all in all a great time. The boys were great climbers and had a good time. The children started teasing me about caving, and that I loved it more than quilting. Hahahaha. Then we went to Snow Canyon, and checked out a lava cave. Steven was in caving heaven! Then of course we went to the cutest quilt shop--Lazy Daisy Quilt shop. I purchased a cute fabric bag pattern, and fabric to match Ashleigh's Easter skirt we made. It turned out totally cute. Picture will follow. Stacie decided to make one also. And as it turns out, we are going to make them for our Larson Reunion. Great little summer bag. We also went to the movies to see CARS 2. It was a great movie. Then we headed to the Hill's house. We were able to visit with our friends Kym and Anne from Australia, along with all the other wonderful family that lives close in the Orem area. We ended up staying at Justin and Shawna's house and had a fabulous time. On the 4th of July morning, we went to hike Battlecreek falls. It was a beautiful hike and very enjoyable. It is right by the G on the mountain. (which is what I want to hike next) We went bowling at BYU, and played air hockey. I must say that Steven was the winner this trip! Then we finished off at the BYU Creamery on 9th. Delicious!!! That night, we had a huge BBQ at the Shauers, and had plenty of great family to go around. Then we watching fireworks in the cul de sac, with some raining on and off. It was so nice. Such cool weather! We were in heaven. The next morning, Steven, Hunter, Brian H. and I went and Hiked the Y on Provo Mountain. That was also a great hike. I've wanted to do that for a while. Of course Hunter cruised right up and was the first one there. Then we headed to Park City for Alpine Slide rides. They added a new ride this year a coaster ride. They were both awesome. The children also enjoyed the trampoline attraction, which they harness you in and you can jump and flip till your hearts content. Next we headed to Springville, Hobble creek camp ground for the Hancock reunion. What a beautiful site. The children got to know new cousins, and old and had a most enjoyable time. Ultimate frisbee, games, talent night, hiking, human battleship, and Safari group for the younger children. The next quilt shop I planned on visiting was on the main road heading to the camp ground, the Cornwagon. It was also just as great as I thought it would be. I purchased my Surf quilt pattern, and some red, white, and blue fabric for my yo-yo flag. If you can see the big blue dome in some of the pictures, that is ours. Steven made this geo-dome for us to camp in. It is a pretty big project to put together and takes us about 2 hours, however, since we knew we would be there for 4 days it was worth it. It is 10 feet tall and 23 feet in diameter. Before we left, Michelle Wall got to our truck windows. She is pretty funny. As you can see, we celebrated Steven's birthday while we were there also. He let everyone know too. He had a fun day. When we went back home to the Shauers Sat. night, we went to dinner at this Brazilian BBQ. It was amazing! We also took the children to the new Provo Beach resort that just opened up. It is an indoor family play place. They have bowling, miniature crochet, a rope course, games, and a flow rider. The children had a great time, especially on the ropes. I think that about sums up our wonderful 10 days. I love Utah in the summer time. As you can see, Stacie and Kinsie were not with us, and stayed home to work, (and play). That's the hard part about your children growing up and having responsibilities.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today, I was working on a flag yo-yo project. Davis comes up to me and asks "How many more round-abouts do you have to make"? It was just too cute. I'll post a picture when I finish. I missed 4th of July, but I'm OK with that. It'll be ready next year. :)