Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I went to finish my Christmas napkins on Monday. I was on the last one. I am sewing a rolled hem around it. My serger was kind of acting funny. I could hear weird noises, that I shouldn't have been hearing. I had put some oil on it on Saturday, but all of a sudden, it just totally seized up and wouldn't stitch another single stitch. Oh my. I just turned it off and left the room. I told Steven about it. He figured it needed more oil. He called our Phaff serger expert Bro. in law and asked about it. After we oiled it, it started coming back to life. I was able to finish my last napkin, however it still sounds like it needs a good service at the machine shop. Here is my lesson, I should oil it, way more often. Yes, as in more than once a year. Good lesson to learn, I hope you will all learn from me, and not have to learn on your own serger.

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