Sunday, September 5, 2010


On Tues of this week, I received my copy of Cake Pops in the mail. The author has a food blog, Bakerella. We first made cake pops for Hunter's Eagle Court of Honor. We made plain jane ones: Red and White. Well, since then, we have made plenty more, and seen people get very creative in their efforts. Since getting our book this week, I knew we needed to make some. As I was looking at all the designs, I decided on the Pool Party Pops, since we would be going to a swim party BBQ on Sat. Here is how ours turned out. We had a few mishaps, but overall they turned out pretty cute.

These are little teddy grahams sitting in an innertube in the water (gummy lifesaver)

This little white one was a "diet" one sitting in the sand. :)Posted by Picasa

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