Thursday, September 2, 2010


As you know, I posted about my new quilt pattern and fabric a couple of weeks ago. I am still waiting...I look at the fabric websites too many times a day, as if checking them will help the fabric come in sooner. It is not working, and I am ready for it!!!! It says September and we are into the 2nd day now. Should have been in yesterday, in my opinion. :)
Also, I am ready for new music. I downloaded Jon's song "Road trip" as soon as it was released. Fabulous piece to play! Go to his site and check it out. ( I think) I play it several times a day. (my sweet family loves it) So, I am feeling like it is time for Jon to release another song from his album, or I need to buy a Christmas book. It won't be so bad right, I can play while everyone is at school, then with the headphones when their home. I normally don't start to Oct. 31st-ish, but I can't help it this year. Maybe it is the fall magazines coming in, and our HEAT STILL here. I have to remember it doesn't really start to get cooler til October.

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