Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hunter is playing football for Fremont Falcons. Last night was there first game. They won huge against Taylor. Nice. I think there biggest rival is Shepherd, so we will see how our season goes. One thing though, when your son is wearing a big white helmet, and the same jersey as everyone else, it is hard to find them on the field. Yes, I know they are wearing numbers, but still, it is hard to pick them out. Here are some pictures. He is #90. One more thing, my little boys were running ALL over the bleachers having a grand time. Well, some girls said hi to them, and asked

Bracken if he was Hunter's little brother. Of course Bracken gets the cutest toothless grin and says yes. Then he comes to tell me. Oh, and the girls were wearing Hunter's number on their cheeks. What's that about?! When we told Hunter the story after the game he just gets this funny embarrassed smile and says he doesn't even know about it, or who it could be...hmmm.
Walking onto the field

listening to the national anthem

looking so cool, knowing that I'm taking his picture, but not wanting to acknowledge it to anyone

final score!

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