Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ashleigh has amazingly turned 12! Wow, great things
happen when you turn 12. First thing, we went
to get her ears pierced. (cause that's what you
do at that age in our family) :) Then we went
shopping and went to lunch. We had a great
time. For dinner we celebrated with Tostados,
and Mattas salsa...YUM! Then finished off
with cheesecake. So delicious! She raked in
the gifts like usual. Steven went shopping
also, and was so excited to get her the game
Scrabble flash. It is a fun game. You have to
be very quick. Ashleigh is really good. Steven
and Ginger, not so fast.
She started to attend mutual on Wed. nights
and just loves it. They started talking about
girls camp. It is ward camp this year, and they
are going to a leaders cabin in Payson. I think this
is the year I should volunteer :) It sounds very
obligatory birthday picture with the birthday hat

fabric for new skirt I am going to make, picture will follow

the fast spelling game. It sounds easy, but not when you
are racing against the clock

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JoAnn said...

Yea Ashleigh!!! BreAnn is also soooo excited to become a YW! Looks like a fun day!