Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I found this cute little pattern on Moda Bake shop, called Valentine Pennie Pockets. I decided I would make one for each member of our family for Valentines Day, and tuck little treats into it. I made some for the ladies Stacie and I visit teach also. So cute. The fabric is called "Giddy". I know, I get a little crazy with the fabric, and names, but isn't it all so cute. A whole new fabric world has been introduced to me, and Steven just loves it! :) well, maybe not his wallet. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day. Of course, when you love hearts, and red and pink, how can you not. So, we always have a big Valentine's Day dinner, with the china and crystal and red foods. I had some treats in there little bags, along with a coupon for them of something specific I'd do for them, and had them sitting by there plate at the table. We had a fun night, then Ashleigh, Kinsie, and I went to Cavalcade Rehearsal. I know, it is here again. No Jon Schmidt this year, but, it will be great none the less. Hunter and I rehearse on Thursday nights. It makes for a busy 3 weeks, but isn't playing the piano great fun?! I started teaching Bracken lessons in Jan. and right now he loves it. I wish I could package the enthusiasm when they first start and give it to them again in a year, and then a year later. :)

flowers from Steven
I learned how to crochet these cute little hearts, and thought they looked so cute hanging there
peanut butter cookies with Dove heart chocolates--way good

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