Friday, February 25, 2011

BYU Idaho

Stacie received her acceptance letter from BYU Idaho yesterday. Hooray! Now she is awaiting her track assignment. She will be finished with her Associates in May from MCC Red Mountain. She is majoring in Math Education. Yes, this girls likes math, math, and more math. (and the unicycle) She is doing service hours at her high school this semester, with one of her past math teachers, and enjoying it. When we start talking about packing her stuff up when she leaves, she likes to change the subject. I told her everything will change when she leaves, but she isn't ready to hear that yet I guess. We will miss her TONS!


JoAnn said...

And I will LOVE having her close! WOo HOOO!

Steven and Ginger said...

It sounds like an invitation for me to come visit you.