Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The other fun thing I did for my Birthday was sign up for a class at Scrapbooks Etc. We made these cute pin cusions with a bag to hold tools or scraps. It is so totally cute to me. The fabric is just out by Moda, called "Lovely". The inside of the flower has crushed up walnut shells, and is very tight and firm, making the flower all the cuter. I think I will make another one out of my left over Bliss fabric. It will look cute sitting with my scrapbook supplies. The date of my class was actually our anniversary morning, and Steven was so kind to take Davis with him to work that day. It would be nice to say I owed him big time, but hey, I take Davis to work with me everyday right?! :) Steven is way great that way! We celebrated our 21 st anniversary on Feb. 9th, 2011! We went to dinner at the new Tia Rosas in Gilbert. Yum, Carne asada is our favorite thing to get. Steven informed me that for the year 21 you are supposed to give nickel and brass. (You know they have a list of what each anniversary year is) So, he bought us a HD TV! Pretty good match I'd say. Wow, it is really nice to watch movies on. Things are so amazingly clear! Needless to say we have been on a little movie watching fest since we got netflix, and now it is even more enjoyable on a great TV. It was the 2nd tv we've purchased since we've been married.

close up on the pocket inside bag
the whole thing in its cuteness and glory

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