Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy Day Bread!

One thing I love is rainy days! And what isn't better than Hot bread on those kind of days! So, Steven has been on a baking kick these last few weeks. He discovered a web site with recipes using non other than whole wheat flour. So, he made this bread recipe, and it was delicious! So, tonight since it was raining all the children convinced him that he needed to make his bread. (this is a tradition here at home, making bread on rainy days) He also made "The best chocolate chip cookies ever" recipe, and "Oatmeal cookies" using whole wheat flour. They are both Winners!! We hope he keeps "practicing" on us!

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Nef Fam said...

We totally heart whole wheat too! I love to hear about your traditions. (Don't they seem to revolve around food...? I like that! :)))