Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We were able to set off with the whole family for Oct. break this year. (Stacie & Kinsie were with us the first half of the week then had to be back for school and work) We headed up North to Forest Lakes. We stayed in a wonderful cabin and had a great time. On Tues. we met up with lots of friends to tour 2 caves. We borrowed caving helmets from the cave group (Steven joined) and headed down under. The first was Scout cave and the second was Ebony. All together we had about 25 of us exploring that day. What wonderful company we had. The younger children all had new friends their ages to get to know. The rest of the week was spent riding the Ranger and quads exploring all around us, playing horse shoes, (mom happened to be having a good winning streak), playing at the playground (on the property) and making (or just eating for the most sake) yummy food. What's a trip without good eats. The weather was gorgeous. So cool and nice. We would make a fire outside at night and eat around it and of course made smores, and drank hot chocolate. It was such a welcome retreat from the heat we had been having.

Here are a boat load of pictures.

entrance to the second cave Ebony

Black Canyon Lake

Black Canyon Lake

We passed a group who were looking for their dog. We told them we'd keep a look out. Stacie said a prayer, and about a mile later she spotted it up the side of the mountain. We went to tell the family. They were so happy to have their dog back.
Steven taught Bracken to drive the Ranger. I drove with him a few times to the Firestation. On the way back he said, "I think I can drive a car now". Right! How 'bout in 9 years. Funny children.

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