Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cavalcade is coming. (March 6th) If you're wondering what that is let me share with you. It is a piano duet recital. There are about 25 pianos on the stage (At Mountain View H.S. this year) and each group performs 2 duet songs with a conductor. It is a great event. It just so happens that the guest performer this year is....Jon Schmidt. Can't wait to hear him perform. I will be in 3 groups this year playing the duet versions of his songs: Dumb Song (with Stacie) Waterfall, and All of Me. Now, I didn't count on it being a big deal. However, I do have to pay a little more attention and watch the notes, or I can take off on the original version. Pretty fun though.

I also got another piano book from David Lanz. It is a collection from 3 others books, I believe. There are 5 songs I enjoy playing daily...and sometimes more often!


Nef Fam said...

Is this the same gig that you and I played in -- and had to say "moo" during the song -- and we couldn't quit laughing???? Ah, memories. :)

Steven and Ginger said...

Yes, can you believe it. I still remember how much fun we had. This will Stacie's 11 year playing, and Kinsie's 10th year.