Saturday, February 21, 2009

What kinds of questions do we ask?

Today, I went running with my daughter Stacie. My ipod wasn't charged, so I had to run with no music! We started talking about an email I received from TOFW. Wendy Watson Nelson is going to be doing a seminar on the kinds of questions we ask, and how powerful they are in our life in making things happen, in our relationships, etc. It really got me thinking, and Stacie and I had a great running discussion about our decisions, and attitudes. Isn't it interesting if you think about a hard time you were going through, and you asked the question why?, instead of a happier, or more powerful question? Our minds are so powerful. The gospel embraces all the great powerful principles for us doesn't it?!


Nef Fam said...

I love how your brilliant mind can take something like a jog without ipod and extrapolate it into a gospel principle. That's why you are so celestial.! (One reason anyhoo)

Scott Martineau said...
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Martineau Family said...

So fun to find your blog!!! It was great to be able to read about all the amazing things you're doing!!