Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm feeling bad, I never even posted pictures of Christmas. So, here are a few. We had a most wonderful Christmas. We had Bonnie (Steven's Mom) with us, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning...and she survived it. :) Right below is a picture of "The LIST". It was written on both sides, so as they would get a gift, and tell me the color and size of the lego, I would hunt down the list. Sometimes taking longer than others. They wanted to hurry it along a little faster, however, I would always stop so I could see the gift being opened then take a picture. So, you can see, it took a little while, but hey, we had all day right?

Steven's new caving helmet (new hobby)
cute red purse for Kinsie
more hotwheels for the boys, with a launcher (they never tire of hotwheels!)
new clothes for Ashleigh cause she been growing a ton lately
unicycle for Hunter, and the family

Cute pink polka dot luggage for Stacie
wiggle cars at Grandma Larsons, they had a blast on, plus look at their cute matching woody shirts from Kinsie

Hunter and Stacie have now taken very well to the unicyling, and you will see them up and down our street all the time. Way to go guys!

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