Thursday, December 23, 2010


For Kinsie's 18th B-day we took her to Disneyland. She took 3 friends and Stacie and I. We arrived Sunday evening. It was raining. It rained all day Monday at Disneyland, and all day Tuesday. Tues. Stacie and Ginger went to Walmart and purchased rainboots and sauna suits. Tues we were dry as could be, under our umbrellas. The great thing about the rain was, the short, short lines. Most the big rides were walk right on or 5-10 minute waits. That part was great. Especially the water rides. No one there. :) What a fun celebration. The phrase we heard most was "It's my Birthday week!" It's hard to believe we have 2 adult children now. For Stacie's birthday, she went to BYU Idaho, Rexburg, and visited her friends, and toured the campus. She is definately excited to go, after 1 more sememster at MCC Red Mnt. She braved the cold, and told us it wasn't too bad. We know better :).

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