Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lake Powell!

On the top of the house boat, heading for Face Canyon.

Davis making sand castles

Davis, Steven, and Stacie on jet ski

Cookie jar...we hiked up to the bottom of cookie jar, then all around it. Great hike

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Rainbow bridge

Steven getting ready to ride the air chair

Bracken riding the knee board

Stacie riding knee board

Ashleigh and Bracken having a fun time

Slot Canyon

family hiding behind the "slots"

Steven and I were at this same canyon in 2001, with the youth in the ward

Who can resist this cutie face!

Hunter riding the air chair...he got pretty good at it

Getting some good air

Stacie, Davis, Ashleigh kayaking

Ashleigh putting the slide to good use

Nobody went off the slide as much as Bracken...great fun

What is it with having to have crazy faces

Yes, Stacie was at the Lake with us

Going to hike up slide mountain...Bracken made it up to the top, Davis and Ginger to the bottome of the slide

Coming home...Steven was with us for a few days then had to leave, Kinsie stayed at school and worked (OK lots of playing too, thanks Mary!)

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JoAnn said...

Lake Powell = Celestial Kingdom. LOVE THAT PLACE! It's been like 3+ years since we've been. Love doing the house boat thingy. :) Man, it was really cool that your kids pretended like they liked it or something. ;D