Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Camp!

Last Friday, my ward put on Cubscout Daycamp, at Bull Dog Canyon. It turned out so wonderful! My assistant and I were in charge of the food. We were cooking in the Dutch ovens. Thankfully her husband came and took over my spot and I was able to give the boys 4x4 jeep rides. It was awesome. It was the 1st time that any of them had ridden like that before. Steven had taken me the month before so I could "practice". Well, the boys just made me feel like I was the coolest driver around.

The boys were divided into 3 groups. As I was coming back with the 3rd group, you can see who surprised us. They were ready and firing at us with their marshmellow artillary. It was so funny. It really caught us off guard. The boys had a blast shooting marshmellows all over the desert.

Here are two of the boys ready to start the ride.

I got a new calling 2 days later, on Sunday. They are going to release me in a couple of weeks. I will totally miss my Webelos boys. It has been the best calling!!
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Nef Fam said...

I really think they should have you talk in General Conference about the joys of being a cub scout leader. Maybe some people up here would understand!!! Oooooh -- another thought: write an article for the Ensign! :)

P.S. What's you're new calling???

Janet said...

I really liked the Webelos seems like forever ago. That was a fun calling!