Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Piano playing!

At the piano duet recital last weekend, they ended with an amazing song...Waterfall by Jon Schmidt. It made me want to go get the sheet music and learn it. So I went to his website and listened to the song again, and all the other great music, and decided I love ALL of it. Today, I called a couple of music stores to see if they had the music, and both of the songs I wanted were in books that were 18.00 each. While I was still researching, Steven hopped on the other computer and found the single sheet music on Jon's website that you can down load as a pdf file for .99 each. Score! Bought them, printed them, played...played...played them today!!! Waterfall is wonderful and also "The Dumb Song". It has such a great catchy rhythm. (no driving 30 minutes to the store, and no finding other music; which I'm sure Steven was thinking about from the beginning. I have this gift of finding things I like!) Now my fingers are a little sore, but it is worth it. I always enjoy having music I like to play, and learning a new song is the BEST.

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Heather said...

It looks as though you are really starting to get into this blogging thing. I pu pued it when Heather first started but now I enjoy it. It is great to see what everybody else has going on. I always enjoyed hearing you play the piano. I still have a goal of playing great balls of fire from when you played it when I was a kid.